Driving license to car is acquired at Ringkøbing Køreskole

Since 1st of January 2017 it is possible for 17-year-olds to acquire driving license. This is only possible if the 17-year-old drives with an escort until turning 18 years.

When can I get started at the earliest?

How does it work?

The driving training/education consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part (theory) takes place in the training room at Nørredige 20. After theory, the practical part follows. This happens alternating, so the theoretical and the practical part go together with regard to content and level of difficulty.

The theoretical part is conducted as interactive training. This means all theory training takes place via a computer with headphones. The driving instructor is there to answer additional questions. Concluding there will be an evaluating theory test on wide screen, so you are well prepared for the final theory test.

How long does it take to acquire driving license?

The practical part starts with 4 lessons at a manoeuvre field, minimum 16 lessons on the road and 4 lessons on a slippery road field.

Class starts

Wednesday the 26th of october at 16:00 – Close for registration

You can already now sign up for the classes –> Sign up here

First aid

Traffic-related first aid in english you can find on this website: https://www.rodekors.dk/kursusoversigt-first-aid-english

It is not possible to book theory test until doctor’s note and first aid certificate is approved at Borgerservice. – If you already have a license for tractor, you should not take traffic-related first aid for car.

The first aid certificate is valid for 1 year.


Ringkøbing Køreskole


Please feel free to contact us on telephone: 21 72 72 08 or fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible

Prices for 2022

  • Rental of school car 650 DKK

    (for the driving test)

  • Medical certificate Around 400 DKK
  • Fee to the Færdselsstyrelsen 1.000 DKK

    (theory- and practical)

  • Passport photo Around 60 DKK
  • First aid course 650 DKK
  • Extra driving lessons 650 DKK

    (45 min)

  • Appendix 1600 DKK

    (for English courses)

  • Unlimited theory 2.995 DKK
  • Manoeuvre field 1.700 DKK

    (4 lessons)

  • Slippery road field 2.000 DKK

    (4 lessons)

  • 16 driving lessons 8.800 DKK

    (on road at 500 DKK)

  • Total 15.495 DKK